Forward - another single off the new album
June 06, 2012

Here is another single off the new album which is just weeks away from its release date (June 26th).
Driven by the vintage roots reggae sound of the late 70’s, there is a very important message in this song titled "Forward'. Click here to listen.
An opportunity to pre-order the album will be available in the next week so please check back soon
I'm Sorry (but it's over) - new single off the upcoming album
May 25, 2012

Here is a little love song about when a relationship reaches the end.
We have all been there before , perhaps you are there now. If so we hope this helps you through it.
This isn't a finished version as we are mixing and mastering next week.
We just wanted to give you a little sample of what to expect from our new album, which will feature 16 new songs.
We invite you to save this image and use it for your "facebook cover" page. If you do, Alex will come to your place fix and your leaky roof, give your car a tune-up and make you dinner, all while wearing his camouflaged patent leather lederhosen (only kidding... he doesn't cook much) but we will send you a free song.
If you can't capture the image just email us here and we will be happy to send you a jpeg

Click here to listen.
Fan Questions - Did you know this about One Drop
May 15, 2012

Just wanted to let you know about our “fan questions” thread. It’s another way to connect with us if you are not big on social sites, want to connect anonymously or just curious to read what others have asked.

Either way, we love hearing from you and no question is off limits….for now (LOL)

For complete questions thread please visit
New album available June 26 - behind the scenes video
May 10, 2012

Here is a behind the scenes look at the making of our new album. We will be sharing more videos like this to our newsletter subscribers as we approach the release date. We want to include you so sign up and get connected.
Thanks for sharing us and come back and visit soon.
New Album Available June 26 - Sneak Peek and Interview
May 01, 2012

Just wanted to let you know we are working hard wrapping up the new album, which we are very excited about. Our release date on itunes is June 26th so mark your calendars.
CD release show is scheduled July 6th (See Shows)

Lastly, we did an interview over the past weekend sharing some insights about this record. We will be sharing this, with sound bites, to all our email subscribers in the following days so please sign up so we can include you. Thank you so much for the support and hope to see you soon.
Don't Make Me Wait (Single)